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Transition to e-formats

A year ago it all seemed so certain: print-on-paper was outdated and would soon be replaced by e-content. However, since then, there are signs that the pundits may have overestimated public enthusiasm for e-books, at least. Aaron Pressman reports on a levelling-off of sales of e-books (http://finance.yahoo.com/blogs/breakout/slowing-ebook-sales-could-hurt-amazon-in-battle-with-publishers-174752232.html) and the ongoing disagreement between publishers and suppliers, […]

e-Resources in Libraries: there’s more to it than acquisition!

Including e-resources in library collections sounds deceptively simple! Most libraries are adding e-journals and e-books with some degree of success. What is less straightforward is the long-term management of a format that is constantly changing. Librarians have to consider the relative importance and size of their print collection. How can libraries acquire the best and […]