Success Strategies for Electronic Content Discovery and Access

This is the title of a new cross-industry white paper from the e-Data Quality Working Group in the States. It stresses that – as library users conduct an increasing number of information searches online without the help of a librarian – discovery and access systems play an important role in helping users sift through an increasingly large amount of resources to access the one which they need. If this is true, poor-quality data mean that users face major and frustrating barriers to discovery and access.” A break in one part of the content supply chain will affect all links in the chain. However, by implementing some basic improvements, libraries, service providers and data suppliers (including, but not limited to, publishers) can remove this barrier and improve users’ experiences” (quotation from the Executive Summary). The report identifies three core problems and provides possible solutions to these problems with data quality.

This is a report that is well worth reading and is freely available as a PDF at:

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