We offer a variety of open and customized in-house short courses with duration from one to five days on key aspects of knowledge and information management.In addition we present executive thought leadership seminars of a maximum duration of one day in order to alert our clients to new developments in the field and to stimulate innovation. We are committed to the continuous updating of our courses on the basis of research, case studies and experience.

Consulting and strategy facilitation

We have the collective skills and know-how to assist organisations in developing and implementing a wide range of KIM-related products and services and to facilitate the development and implementation planning of appropriate KIM strategies aligned with the enterprise strategy. Competition in the modern knowledge economy creates challenges that require on-going adaptive change interventions rather than periodic big bang grand strategising. Our solutions are not based on a one-size-fits-all methodology but rather on assisting our clients to make sense of the unique characteristics, complexities and dynamics of their business environment and in the process arrive at appropriate strategies.


The blend of academic research and practical management experience of our associates represent a significant research capacity to assist progressive organisations in making sense of emergent issues, trends and complexity in the field of knowledge and information management. In the process we have developed various KIM tools that we apply in strategy facilitation and make available to clients through our training.