New mapping resource

A new project – Open MapQuest <> – has been launched using data provided by the OpenStreetMap community.  The main difference between this new site and other mapping sites, such as Google Maps, is that the mapping and routing data was created, edited and enhanced by the community.  OpenStreetMap was designed to give the local community the ability to update areas (roads, parks, hiking trails, bike paths, points of interest, etc) with which they are familiar in their own neighborhood and around the world, thus enabling rapid correction as features change and the creation of maps based upon specific interests, such as orienteering. In this way, mapping and cartography enters the “social networking” space.There is little more than standard maps presently available for South Africa — our communities of practice could enrich these basic maps by adding in significant details and local features and by considering how the community might want to use mapping information.  The OpenStreetMap wiki <>provides a starting-point, and the MapQuest Dev Blog <>, written by Antony Pegg, provides another source of technical information.

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