Marketing our services

Ned Potter, in his guise as “The Wikiman”, has produced excellent guidance on the seemingly-simple task of marketing our library and information services.  Simple, yes, but all too easy to get wrong.  His blog entry of 25 August 2011, Three simple marketing rules all libraries should live by… can be summarised as:

  • Market the service, not the content: tell the potential user what your service can do, not what it contains.
  • No-one cares about the “how”! Market in terms of the benefits of using the service, not how it works.
  • Market what THEY value, but continue to do what WE value: know what it is that users want or need to do and orient marketing to that.

If you are designing a marketing campaign for your service, his blog entry is required reading — and don’t miss the second part of the entry!


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