Google at thirteen

Did you notice what happened on Tuesday?  Google celebrated its thirteenth birthday!  In a thought-provoking piece, Danny Goodwin acknowledged this moment and reviewed the recent history of Google in order to remind us that the “terrible teens” can affect companies and organisations as well as people.  His article, in Search Engine Watch of 27 September 2011, identifies twelve major developments that have occurred during the previous year and warns that these may be symptomatic of the behaviour of the search engine company in the future.  In a summarising comment, Goodwin says, “Google faced several lows – luring Bing into public fights, revealing their Facebook envy, releasing baffling algorithmic improvements, facing public humiliation in the form of mainstream news stories calling out the quality of Google’s results, and relinquishing $500 million for accepting advertising from online Canadian pharmacies, but also had several highs – Google bought several shiny new companies (retail therapy?), Larry Page returned to his role as CEO and cleaned house, Google saw record revenues, Google introduced a suite of Instant products, and Android continued to grow”.

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