Facebook, Linkedin . . . I haven’t got time!

You know the feeling: everyone is talking about the use of social media, even in our information services domain.  Many librarians and information services managers are making use of it to promote the use of information resources, launch discussions about searching techniques and search engine features — but how do they manage the time? Lisa Buyer is coming to your rescue: her article, “18 minutes a day to social media time management” (Search Engine Watch, 12 October 2011), provides some simple and effective guidelines.  In summary she suggests a three-step process:

  1. Plan your use of social media a first activity of the day: make this a regular entry in your work diary and do not let this activity be displaced.
  2. Commit a certain amount of time to using the social media and set an alarm to monitor its use.
  3. Review what has been done at the end of the working day: do not take this aspect of work home with you!

She also suggests that one should be rigorous in deciding in what to get engaged and what to ignore.  So, if you cannot see the value of responding to invitations from colleagues or friends to join them on some social networking site, then don’t — and don’t feel guilty about it.


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