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Taxonomies … Leveraging Organisational Content


This course addresses the interrelationship between information and knowledge architectures, content management and the application of taxonomies. It further outlines the detailed steps required to develop a taxonomy that will integrate with enterprise needs and context. Attendees will learn how to create the right enterprise taxonomy with the right blend of formal taxonomy structure, browsing structures, and faceted principles. It includes discovering the organization’s knowledge domains, assessing user’s needs and information behaviours, and integrating this with business processes to ensure a taxonomy model that will support the diverse applications of an enterprise-wide taxonomy.


At the end of the course participants should be able to:

  • Understand the meaning of and relationship between information and knowledge architectures, content management and taxonomies
  • Understand the benefits of a good information architecture and user experience (navigation, content publishing, etc.)
  • Be able to develop a content management strategy
  • Understand the basics of taxonomy/ontology and metadata modelling and management
  • Understand the benefits of taxonomies and be able to defend the ROI of taxonomies
  • Know about taxonomy user research and usability
  • Be able to develop taxonomies and apply the techniques for maintaining taxonomies within an organisational context
  • Understand taxonomy governance, metrics and evaluation
  • Know the basics of taxonomy software and its selection and use
  • Understand auto-categorization and other tagging techniques

FACILITATORS: Dr Gretchen Smith and various associates

DURATION OF THE COURSE: 3 or 2 day Workshop.