Courses | Management and Leadership for Information and Library Services

Management and Leadership for Information and Library Services


This short course will provide participants with a sufficient understanding of the basics of good management to allow them to more effectively administer information and library services and take leadership roles in information organisations through the effective management of people, resources and performance.


At the end of the course participants should be:

  • In a better position to more effectively manage information and library services
  • Aware of the strategic tools, forms of leadership and effective resource utilisation that can be applied in specific situations in information organisations.
  • Sensitised to the need for a critical and reflective approach to management and the advantages of adopting a variety of leadership styles.
  • This would include:
    • Managing of human and financial resources;
    • Planning and policy implementation;
    • Managing work processes efficiently;
    • Managing change effectively;
    • Building and maintaining an effective team;
    • Building and maintaining effective relationships with customers and all stakeholders.


FACILITATORS: Dr Ben Fouché; Dr Gretchen Smith & Prof Peter G Underwood

DURATION OF THE PROGRAMME: 3 or 2 day Workshop