Courses | Metadata, Cataloguing E-Resources & RDA

Metadata, Cataloguing E-Resources & RDA

COST: R 6,450.00 (VAT excluded)             

FACILITATORS: Prof Peter Underwood and Dr Gretchen Smith        


To provide library and information staff with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to enable the cataloguing of e-resources and digitised content. Training will cover both theory and practice:  the theoretical background with regard to the cataloguing of metadata and e-resources in South Africa; and the hands-on skills to catalogue e-resources and digitized content. The distinctive features and the application of the new cataloguing standard RDA (Resource Description and Access) will be outlined.


  • Overview of the latest developments in cataloguing;
  • Standards in use and migration from old systems used to new systems and standards that can be adopted, with specific reference to the unique characteristics of RDA;
  • The processes of acquisition, pre-cataloguing, and order data – seamless and integrated process;
  • Quality control and authority data;
  • Cataloguing a variety of resources, e.g. books, print journals, maps, pamphlets, manuscripts, e-resources and newly digitised resources: distinctive characteristics and differences;
  • Metadata and cataloguing in the e-resource environment;
  • What special considerations are needed for describing and searching for e-resources?
  • Approaches adopted in South Africa with regard to e-resource cataloguing and management;
  • Analytical cataloguing for e-collections and digitised collections: levels of specificity;
  • Issues of federated catalogues, including their need and application;
  • Developing a Cataloguing Policy to incorporate new developments.


At the end of the course participants should have an:

  • Understanding of cataloguing standards and practice in the Library and Information Service (LIS) environment;
  • Understanding of the distinctive characteristics of RDA and be able to apply it;
  • Understanding of the range of electronic information sources that need to be incorporated into the 21st century library catalogues;
  • Ability to catalogue a variety of e-resources and apply metadata;
  • Understanding of the need to index to varying levels of specificity;
  • Understanding of the issues of federated catalogues;
  • Awareness of new technologies for the management of electronic information;
  • Sufficient understanding of standards of cataloguing metadata to enable practitioners to formulate a policy for their organization


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