Courses | Capitalising on Organisational Knowledge & Innovation: The Basics of Knowledge Management & Innovation

Capitalising on Organisational Knowledge & Innovation: The Basics of Knowledge Management & Innovation


All organisations in the public, private and civic sectors – irrespective of size – have to function in a rapidly changing work environment characterised by the proliferation of electronic communication media, time constraints, quick decision making and boundary spanning alliances and work flows. Innovation and knowledge management are core competences to equip knowledge workers to function effectively in the knowledge based society and economy.

This course will provide an overview of the field of knowledge management and innovation (KM & I). We introduce participants to the value of applying knowledge management and innovation procedures as well as change management in an organisation. It will specifically demonstrate how the application of knowledge management and innovation will enhance productivity, service delivery, knowledge exchange, knowledge leveraging and innovative capabilities in organisations. Participants will be introduced to the various processes and strategies that can be used to turn an organisation’s intellectual and knowledge assets into greater value.


At the end of the course participants should be able to:

  • Understand the principles and environments of knowledge management and innovation
  • Understand how to create an innovation and knowledge-sensitive culture to enhance organisational effectiveness
  • Discern which knowledge management and innovation processes and practices could best be applied to their work situation
  • Understand the roles  and skills of knowledge workers and KM champions
  • Identify knowledge management and innovation enablers
  • Understand why it is important to assess knowledge needs and the maturity level of knowledge management, as well as the innovation capabilities of an organisation as a precursor to knowledge management and innovation strategy development and implementation
  • Discern which information and communication technologies (ICTs) could be used to leverage knowledge management and innovation in an organisation

FACILITATORS: Dr Ben Fouché and Dr Gretchen Smith


TARGET AUDIENCE: Knowledge workers in all fields who wish to understand and apply the principles and practices of knowledge management and innovation to the benefit of their organisations and their own competence.