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e-Resources in Libraries: there’s more to it than acquisition!

Including e-resources in library collections sounds deceptively simple! Most libraries are adding e-journals and e-books with some degree of success. What is less straightforward is the long-term management of a format that is constantly changing. Librarians have to consider the relative importance and size of their print collection. How can libraries acquire the best and […]

Knowlead Course – Managing the Integration of E-Resources into Library Collections (KL-MIER)

The transition to electronic sources of information has recently gathered momentum and is affecting all subject areas and services to all levels of user: scientific and technical sources, community information, reading materials for children. The acquisition, provision and management of these e-resources leave librarians in all library and information sectors with a new and wide-ranging set of challenges. How can one find this material, how should it be managed in a modern library service? Come and find out.

Knowledge champion roles

We are noticing a trend especially in public sector organisations here in South Africa to institutionalise knowledge championship roles as part of knowledge management implementation initiatives. Part-time or full time KM champions are appointed at divisional level to create awareness and interest in KM; assess and communicate knowledge needs; match and connect knowledge requirements with […]

Empowering Africa

Although the world financial crisis has abated and the global economy is recovering, this recovery remains brittle and volatile. Sub-Saharan Africa, although initially not as hard hit has not escaped the effects – particularly countries like South Africa, where our financial markets are extensively integrated into global financial markets. What can Governments in Africa do […]