About Knowlead

Our business objective

We are committed to the improvement of innovation, knowledge and information management (IKIM) practices in all sectors of the economy. We do this through the provision of needs based training, strategy facilitation, research and implementation services. Our objective is to create a significant knowledge advantage for our clients; an ideal that can only be realised through the development of mature knowledge leadership in client organisations.

How we operate

KnowLead is a network organization consisting of associates with distinctive expertise in various disciplines of the broad field of IKIM. We continually expand our expertise through research, professional participation and client engagement. The benefits derived from this approach can only be realised if network flexibility is offset by strong project management and a centralised support system. This is provided by our central management office with responsibility for the coordination of activities across the training and consultation value chain.

Our network organisation provides a cost effective approach to mobilising scarce knowledge resources as and when required to address client needs. We gather together a team of associates with the specialist knowledge and experience required for each project. Although our office is in Cape Town we work wherever the assignment takes us.

Who our clients are

Our clients include private and public sector organisations who consult us on diverse issues and whose staff attend the various open and in-house short courses we present in the field of organisational learning, innovation, knowledge and information management.