We offer a variety of open and customized in-house short courses with duration from one to five days on key aspects of knowledge and information management.


We have the collective skills and know-how to assist organisations in developing and implementing a wide range of KIM-related products and services and to facilitate the development and implementation planning of appropriate KIM strategies aligned with the enterprise strategy.


The blend of academic research and practical management experience of our associates represent a significant research capacity to assist progressive organisations in making sense of emergent issues, trends and complexity in the field of knowledge and information management.

Forthcoming Courses

What people think of Knowlead Consulting and Training

You guys have blown my mind – I feel quite overwhelmed by all the new possibilities. I will most certainly be using the new tools demonstrated and am quite confident that it will improve my efficiency.

Thank you both very much for an excellent course. I really learnt a lot that is of great practical value (as well as being very interesting!). Thanks again, for a wonderful learning experience.

I have gained so much knowledge that I had to struggle to keep my mind on the course and not thinking aloud on how I can implement my knowledge. Excellent course presenters. I envy your knowledge